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A brain teaser is a type of puzzle that is written or spoken, and which requires mental reasoning to solve. The distinguishing characteristic of a brain teaser is that the only thing required to solve it is your brain. Sometimes, a simple calculations or trivia knowledge is necessary, but generally a brain teaser only requires a brain.

How challenging are brain teasers

The difficulty of many brain teasers relies on a certain degree of fallacy in human intuitiveness. This is most common in brain teasers relating to conditional probability, This is different to other types puzzles, like Crosswords or Rubik's Cubes, which are not considered to be brain teasers, because they involve a lot of work with pencil and paper. Brain teasers are often categorized by their method of construction or by the skill required to solve them.
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Polly wants a parrot Mary 408646
Birthday quiz Patrick 269948
Anagram words Rachael 201562
Unreliable Clock Mary 216079
Magnets Patrick 197116
What year? Rachael 212166
Lying down on the job Jim Taylor 219636
drowned man Jim Taylor 240421
The muder Jim Taylor 251917
true or false Jim Taylor 223679
The Priest Jim Taylor 237589
That which is hunted Rachael 167606
The Chemistry lab Jim Taylor 168330
How many Letters in this sequence mike 156422
Light Switches Patrick 184785
I was Framed larry 146065
What country? Patrick 133337
Hotel Bill Rachael 147479
The missing Letter vasile 149383
The velophile mike 111027
The Captain Mary 131223
The Office Building Deal mike 132452
Pair of dice Jim Taylor 109814
Numbers 1 to 9 Jim Taylor 137111
Larry Barry and Gary kimmy 121850
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