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Title Author Hits
The light elephant Brooke & Caroline 144002
Idiot Test R J DRING 178710
Once in a Minute jim taylor 178778
Foundations of Buildings Hans G 88300
I run too fast What Am I? Jim Taylor 129654
Where does the extra man come from ? Jim Taylor 82223
Smart Ball Jim Taylor 140035
Cat and Mouse Jim Taylor 157166
Sleeping Black Dog Jim Taylor 133703
Five from Twenty-Five Jim Taylor 209978
Nail on the Tree Jim Taylor 138643
No Breakfast Jim Taylor 146958
Egg Yolks Jim Taylor 134752
Untold mystery Jim Taylor 137537
Belonging to Night Jim Taylor 133133
David's Father Jim Taylor 130094
A Large Truck Jim Taylor 141198
Round Ends Jim Taylor 134920
Enough Fish Jim Taylor 131680
Lose a Minute Jim Taylor 129947
Stamps in a Dozen Jim Taylor 124476
Same Tea Jim Taylor 176187
A Naughty Trio Jim Taylor 131272
Stranded Frog Jim Taylor 131930
Next Childs Name Jim Taylor 134810
Deaf Dumb and Blind Jim Taylor 139012
Whiter When Dirtier Jim Taylor 151906
Cut; Never Eaten Jim Taylor 141116
Shorter Word Jim Taylor 130539
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